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6 favors you can do to yourself for a smooth and safe birth

6 favors you can do to yourself for a smooth and safe birth

You've been through so much at this age, you've accumulated a lot of good and bad memories, "I'll never forget." It happened in the things you said, but isn't it much more special and meaningful than all of them that you will soon be holding your baby in your arms and tasting motherhood?

Preparation for childbirth is a process that includes many factors, both psychologically, physiologically, and financially. It is your most natural right to want to give birth to your baby without any problems, in safe conditions, and with an easy delivery. We wanted to remind you of the support you can get during this period. Take it easy, don't feel alone.

1. Secure yourself and your baby with maternity insurance

Secure yourself and your baby with maternity insurance

You want to give birth to your baby in the best hospital, under the control of the most reliable doctors, as long as you can afford it. On the other hand, birth prices in private hospitals are very expensive. In addition, both the tests/examinations you will have during pregnancy and the checks to be made for your baby after birth are also serious costs.

For exactly these reasons, you should definitely have maternity insurance for a problem-free pregnancy and birth.

2. Read books on pregnancy and baby care

Read books on pregnancy and baby care

You need to be able to follow the pregnancy throughout your pregnancy, see what has changed in your body and soul, and learn how to feed. Yes, of course, you will have doctor's check-ups, but the more information you have about the period you are in, the more comfortable you will be. Wouldn't it be good to learn about the birth processes, even if they are theoretical beforehand?

Of course, the job will start after the baby is born. If you are going to be a mother for the first time, it is normal to worry about how you will take care of the baby and whether you can handle this job. Maternity and baby care books contain all the information you need during this period. Of course, there will be loved ones in your close circle who share their own experiences, but expert knowledge is still very important.

3. Get moving, exercise

Get moving, exercise

No sitting in a corner and waiting for the birth! If you do sports while you are pregnant, your pain/cramps will decrease, you will sleep better, you will lose weight more easily after giving birth, and most importantly, your birth will become easier. Because when you do sports, your muscles move and your body stretches. Pregnant pilates and yoga are among the most preferred, but if you only knew how good it would be even if you take a walk every day!

Many training CDs are sold for pregnancy yoga and pilates, you can do it at home by watching the videos.

4. Read and listen to happy birth stories

Read and listen to happy birth stories

Whether it's a normal birth or a cesarean section, or if your pain doesn't come, does the baby come late or born early, how often do you hear and talk about these as you approach the birth? Thousands of babies are born every day in the world, it happens in some way. Okay, if there are precautions you need to take, go to your doctor regularly, but one of the main factors that cause problematic birth is stress, please don't forget.

Read happy, emotional, exciting birth stories that end well even if there are problems, and listen to those around you. Motivate yourself.

5. You should get a doula service

You should get a doula service

Everything should be left to the professionals. Trained professionals who provide both physical and emotional support before, during, and after birth are called doulas. Not a doctor, not a nurse, but a kind of birth supporter.

He gives you exercise programs during pregnancy for easy delivery, reduces your workload after birth, guides you from breastfeeding to baby care, shares your stress, and supports you in every way. If you want to think about it.

6. Attend the birth with your mother or spouse

Attend the birth with your mother or spouse

Or your sibling, perhaps your best friend, should attend the birth. But why give birth alone? If they're afraid, they don't usually say I'm afraid, they say "I don't like the hospital environment". We strongly recommend that the husband attend the birth during this period. Wouldn't it be meaningful to be together at the most special moment of your life? In this way, you will feel more secure and comfortable.

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