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16 Conditions That Cause Guilt During Pregnancy

16 Conditions That Cause Guilt During Pregnancy

Unfortunately, pregnancy is not always experienced as an exciting, wonderful feeling. Doing anything less or doing more can make you feel guilty during pregnancy. For example, not doing any exercise or walking less one day and walking a lot the next... Maybe you can't even admit some things to yourself.

Now please face the 16 situations that make you feel guilty during pregnancy and relax with the solutions.

1. Not eating healthy

Eating healthy during pregnancy is the first and foremost thing you should pay attention to during pregnancy. You know this very well, but sometimes it doesn't happen, you can't do it, right? Or you are patient, but you miss those sweet getaways, pizza, chips, eating out.

2. Not being able to reduce coffee

In fact, when it comes to caffeine and caffeine, the first thing that comes to mind is coffee, of course. But there is caffeine in sodas, black tea, green tea, and chocolate. Our Expert Dietitian advises you to limit your caffeine intake to 1 cup of coffee, 2-3 cups of tea, or 1 piece of chocolate a day during pregnancy.

You don't have to say goodbye to your favorite coffee or chocolate, but the less you use them, the better.

3. Smoking


We are with you with all our suggestions, support and understanding for a comfortable and stress-free pregnancy, but you should definitely not smoke. It would be a problem if the cigarette you smoked while pregnant didn't create a feeling of guilt. If you cannot quit smoking no matter what you do, we recommend that you get psychological support.

4. Feeling tired and sluggish all the time

You're out of energy, your eyes are on the bed, you don't know what to do with a big belly, do you? You're two creatures and your hormones are going through a big shift, you can't sleep well enough because of your belly, so please be understanding with yourself and don't expect yourself to be the way you used to be.

5. Wondering the sex of the baby

"Baby be healthy, the rest is not important." Even though you say this, we know that deep down you want your baby to be a boy or a girl. Of course, you can have such requests. This doesn't mean that you won't love your child and be a good mother, regardless of gender when born.

6. Not exercising

If you don't have the habit of exercising in the pre-pregnancy period, exercising with a big belly can be extremely foreign and difficult for you. Instead of forcing yourself, it would be much better if you try to warm up a little by thinking that by doing these exercises you will reduce your pain and give birth more easily.

Not exercising

7. Losing sexual desire

You feel guilty because you think you have a responsibility to your spouse and your sexual desire has decreased, don't you? Because your hormones have changed, you have gained weight and even if it is not, you do not find yourself beautiful as before, and your sexual desire may decrease due to such reasons, this is very normal. Relax, you'll be fine.

Also, if you are worried that sexual intercourse during pregnancy may harm the baby, relax, there is nothing to worry about.
You better talk to your husband about this situation. 😉

8. Losing the initial excitement

That first moment when you learned that you were pregnant and the excitement of the past days may have left its place to a sense of extra responsibility, tiredness of days full of nausea and pain, and impatience. It's none other than you, who carries that belly, whose hormones change and cries for everything, who wakes up with nausea. It's your right to be bored from time to time. What's wrong with that? Relax a little. 🙂

9. Not being a good enough pregnant woman

According to whom, according to what?
On Instagram and Facebook, a lot of pregnant women are sharing what amazing mothers they are, and you see them and feel inadequate. Also, everyone around you gives you advice such as "Don't eat this, eat this", "Don't do it like that, do it like that", right? You want to shout at them too. "If you know a lot, give birth to yourself!".

First of all, you should not compare yourself to the posts on social media. Remember that those around you are well-intentioned, but sometimes they can't stop being arrogant. Every pregnancy is different, not everyone experiences everything the same way. There is no such rule. Please relax. 🙂

10.Taking medicine

Taking medicine

There is no harm in taking medication during pregnancy as long as it is under the doctor's control. So you needed and used medicine, that's it. "I could have paid more attention and not gotten sick." Don't blame yourself for thoughts like that. Even reading this article shows how much you care about your pregnancy and baby.

11. Getting away from your circle of friends

As your belly grows, it becomes a dream for you to attend events and friend invitations. Especially the night walks are completely over. Do not perceive this situation as unfair to yourself and your life. Don't think you're going to break up with your friends. This is a temporary process. You will be more intense after the baby is born, yes, but remember that every situation has different benefits and beauties.

12. Keeping pregnancy on the agenda

You read books about pregnancy, childbirth and baby care, you talk about these all the time, and that's normal. But why not add other things to them? How about watching a movie, reading a book on a different subject, meeting your friends and choosing something as the concept of the day other than pregnancy, spending a romantic day with your spouse like in the old days?

13. Feeling ugly, not taking care of yourself

This is all due to pessimism. Come on, it's time to get pretty and feel good. 🙂

14. Worrying about your career

Not being able to go to work for a while after giving birth, not being able to adapt when returning to work, and the fear of interruption in their career are the concerns of many pregnant women.

You may also be indecisive about whether to extend your babysitting period and return to work beyond your legal leave. Don't worry about it now, when the time comes, you will make an evaluation by considering all the factors.

15. Absence of a birth plan

You still can't decide whether you will have a cesarean section or a normal birth. It is not clear in which hospital you will give birth. Should you get maternity insurance? Feeling guilty about indecision and procrastination doesn't help anyone. Talk to your spouse, family, relatives, tell them you need a plan, get support from them.

16. Feeling guilty for feeling guilty

These are all hormones. Relax, it'll pass.

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