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List of Things Not to Eat During Pregnancy!

List of Things Not to Eat During Pregnancy!

As well as knowing what to eat during pregnancy, you should know the foods that should not be eaten during pregnancy, and you should arrange your nutrition program accordingly. We've already listed it for you! You can print it out and stick it on the fridge if you want.

Here are the foods that should not be eaten during pregnancy.

1. Delicatessen products

Meat products can be contaminated if they have been over-processed during production. This is mostly valid for delicatessen products such as sausage, salami, and sausage. Because this group is among the most processed meat products. These are the foods that pregnant women should not eat.

In addition, many processed meat products contain high sodium, causing excessive bloating during pregnancy. Another reason to stay away from these products during pregnancy is when you experience complaints such as bloating, indigestion, and constipation!

In other words, processed meat is one of the foods that should not be eaten during pregnancy.

2. Seafood with high mercury content

Some fish and shellfish contain dangerous levels of mercury to damage the baby's developing nervous system. Among them, we can count swordfish, tilefish, and mackerel. You should not consume fish with high mercury content throughout your pregnancy. In addition, although seafood is a good source of protein and iron, you should be careful not to exceed 2 servings per week.

3. Unpasteurized milk and cheeses

Unpasteurized milk and cheeses

One of the things that should not be eaten while pregnant is raw milk. To protect yourself and your baby from harmful bacterial infections such as listeria, you should make sure that all the milk you drink is pasteurized. You should also make sure that products such as cheese and yogurt are made from pasteurized milk. Don't forget; Cheese and yogurts produced from raw milk are not made from pasteurized milk.

4. Raw or undercooked eggs

What should not be eaten during pregnancy, we continue. Raw eggs can contain salmonella bacteria. Cook the eggs until the yolks and whites solidify. Avoid foods made with raw or undercooked eggs.

5. Raw or undercooked meat, chicken, and seafood

Raw meats are among the harmful foods during pregnancy. In fact, anyone can get food poisoning when they consume raw or undercooked food. Moreover, there is a greater risk if these raw products are animal foods. As a pregnant woman, your food poisoning may be more severe. To avoid such risks, be sure to cook meat and poultry products thoroughly and eat them.

6. Fizzy drinks and canned fruit juices

Be careful not to drink acidic, high-sugar, artificial canned fruit juices during pregnancy. Although orange is healthier and more nutritious than the juice of an orange, when you want to drink juice, always choose freshly squeezed, natural juices.

Remember, it's best to be wary of anything packaged, boxed, and waiting for you on the shelves!

7. Herbal teas without doctor's approval

Since the effects of herbs in pregnancy have not been investigated yet, herbal teas are an issue that cannot be risked during pregnancy. It is thought that some herbal teas start labor pains when consumed too much, while green tea reduces the effect of folic acid.

Remember that you should be wary of herbal teas during pregnancy and that you should not drink any tea unless approved by your doctor!

8. Products containing high sugar and simple carbohydrates

Products containing high sugar and simple carbohydrates

Cakes, muffins, pastries, buns, and pastries are among the things that pregnant women should not eat because of the white flour and sugar they contain. Don't forget; Sugar and simple carbohydrates, the source of poor-quality calories, will not do you or your baby any good.

9. Extremely salty foods

Consumption of foods that contain excessive amounts of sodium, such as pickles, chips, and soy sauce, is harmful to anyone, whether pregnant or not, especially when it is frequent.

But there is a tight link between high sodium intake and high blood pressure, which is known to cause complications during pregnancy and childbirth.

As a general rule, use very little salt when cooking. Because there is enough sodium in foods to meet the salt needs of our bodies.

10. Unwashed products

It is very good to eat raw vegetables and fruits, unlike meat, chicken, and seafood. But as long as we take care that they are thoroughly washed. In particular, you should pay attention to the ones bought from vineyards, gardens, and markets. Because they are often unwashed.

You should not eat anything that has not been thoroughly washed and that you are not sure of its cleanliness. It may be good to use apple cider vinegar to wash heavily soiled vegetables.

11. High amount of liver

The well-cooked liver can of course be consumed during pregnancy. However, since the liver contains high amounts of vitamin A, it should not be overdone. Consuming large amounts can lead to vitamin A poisoning and birth defects.

12. Artificial sweeteners

List of Things Not to Eat During Pregnancy! / Artificial sweeteners

While it may sound good to eat whatever you want and not take in calories, artificial sweeteners are a complicated matter for pregnant women. That's why you should stay away from artificial sweeteners as well as anything "artificial" during pregnancy.

If you are used to using these sweeteners in your daily life, you should definitely talk to your doctor about this and make your decision accordingly.

13. Fries

Vegetable oils containing trans fats are often used for frying. Consuming foods prepared with such oils also negatively affect cholesterol levels. In addition, type 2 diabetes is more common in people who constantly consume fried food.

14. Junk foods, ready meals, GMO foods

Junk foods such as chips, chocolate, biscuits, and hamburger-type ready meals are always harmful. It is one of the foods that should not be eaten during pregnancy.

Because whatever you eat, your baby eats too. Just as you do not plan to feed your baby chips or a ready-made hamburger when it is born, you should not consume them during pregnancy. Do not forget that packaged and prepared foods are foods that contain chemicals and carcinogens.

You might want a hamburger. Don't forget that you can prepare a delicious hamburger with homemade meatballs whenever you want! You may want to eat chips. Baked spiced potatoes look pretty appealing, too.

In addition, if you feed on GMO foods during pregnancy, your baby may be born with overweight and developmental disorders. Moreover, it may have to struggle with a weak immune system and obesity in the future.

15. Caffeine

You can also choose to quit completely during pregnancy, but it is a fact that you should limit your caffeine intake during this period. Caffeine is thought to be a chemical that adversely affects fetal development. That's why you should set yourself a quota of 1 small cup of coffee a day.

!!! The information contained in this content is in no way a substitute for a doctor's advice. !!!

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