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What Is Good For Skin Dryness During Pregnancy?

What Is Good For Skin Dryness During Pregnancy

From the beginning of your pregnancy, your skin may get a little drier with each passing day. Dry skin during pregnancy can also bring along problems such as itching. With the hormonal fluctuations you experience, changes in your metabolic rate and seasonal effects, you may feel the effects of skin dryness during pregnancy more from time to time.

So what is good for dry skin during pregnancy, how can you relax your skin? Let's get into the details.

What causes dry skin during pregnancy?

The main cause of dry skin during pregnancy is the high levels of progesterone hormone and the changing metabolic rate. With the effect of seasonal changes, you may complain more about dry skin during pregnancy, especially in winter.

When does dry skin start during pregnancy?

Due to fluctuations in hormones, dryness may occur in the skin in the first months of pregnancy. This dryness can cause skin flaking or itching during pregnancy. Itching may increase, especially from the 5th and 6th months of pregnancy.

What is good for dry skin during pregnancy?

What Is Good For Skin Dryness During Pregnancy (2)

As the winter months approach, the dryness of the skin may become more pronounced as the humidity in the air decreases. As the increased dryness can cause itching on your skin, the discomfort you experience may increase. Let's move on to our recommendations on what to do for dry skin during pregnancy, and what methods you can relieve yourself with.

  • One of the first and most effective solutions to body dryness during pregnancy is to consume plenty of water. In this way, the skin will be moisturized and gain deep flexibility.
  • You should avoid extremely hot baths. Taking a shower with very hot water and the negative effect of this temperature on the humidity of the bathroom paves the way for the skin to dry out during pregnancy.
  • Drying soaps and shower gels can increase skin dryness during pregnancy. Do not use such products and do not scrub, especially when dryness is severe.
  • Those who have dry skin problems during pregnancy should definitely use a moisturizer. It's even more effective if you apply it as soon as you get out of the bath, while your body is damp.
  • In particular, the abdominal region becomes more prone to stretching, drying, and cracking as pregnancy progresses. By using a cream for skin dryness during pregnancy, you can moisturize this area and prevent it from cracking.
  • If you have increased complaints such as redness and flaking on your face during pregnancy, but also have intense itching, you can use anti-itch creams recommended by your doctor.

Is dry skin during pregnancy a sign of gender?

It is said that dry hands during pregnancy indicate a baby boy and that the hands of mothers who will have a baby boy are more cracked. But of course, this situation has no scientific validity.

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