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What Should Be Considered While Taking a Bath During Pregnancy?

What Should Be Considered While Taking a Bath During Pregnancy

Since sweat glands work more, your need for a bath may be more than normal during pregnancy. Especially in the summer months, you may feel the need to take more showers as body temperature and sweating increase. So, does the baby feel while taking a bath during pregnancy, what should you pay attention to during the shower? Let's start!

1. Security

Safety is the first thing to come to mind when it comes to what should be considered while taking a bath during pregnancy. You may lose your balance in the bathroom due to sudden contractions or a sudden kick. You may feel dizzy or your foot may slip. That's why it's dangerous to take a bath when you're home alone while pregnant. Schedule shower times as much as possible when you're not alone.

In the first weeks of pregnancy, is it inconvenient to take a bath, the question may be stuck in your mind. Especially in the first months, showering with hot water can cause birth defects.

2. The temperature of the water

Bathing with hot water during pregnancy can be dangerous for the baby. Don't let this make you think of the question, is it harmful to take a bath during pregnancy? Of course, taking a bath is not harmful to you or your baby. It's just that the water you're bathing in should neither be too hot nor too cold. Ideal for 37-38 degrees heat bath water. Hot showers during pregnancy slow down blood circulation and cause tissue fatigue.

You may wonder what the baby feels while taking a bath during pregnancy. When babies reach a certain size, they can perceive temperature changes. Therefore, taking a hot water bath during pregnancy can be uncomfortable for babies.

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3. Time spent in the bath

What Should Be Considered While Taking a Bath During Pregnancy

The ideal time to take a shower during pregnancy is between 15:00 in the afternoon and 21:00 in the evening. Since your body will work better during these hours, you may feel more energetic after a shower. On average, 15 minutes is enough time for you to stay in the tub. Staying in the water longer than this time will cause your body to become wrinkled and dry.

Bathing in the tub and staying in the bathroom for a long time is not recommended for pregnant women with vaginal infections, threats of premature birth, and vaginal bleeding.

4. Selection of soap and shampoo

First, let's start with the question of whether the shampoo is harmful during pregnancy. No, there is no harm in using shampoo. However, you should prefer shampoos with a neutral pH value. If you have a dry skin problem, instead of using regular soap, you should prefer glycerin-based soaps that will moisturize your skin. It is also good to use body oil during the bath.

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5. Standing or sitting?

It is a much better choice to take a standing bath during a pregnancy instead of lying or sitting in the tub. Because sitting down and taking a bath can cause you to get an infection.

Let's answer how many days a bath should be taken during pregnancy. The amount of sweating for every expectant mother is different from each other. This is a situation that can completely change according to your needs. If you want to take a shower 2-3 times a day or once every 2 days, there is no harm to your and your baby's health.

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