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What to Eat and What to Not Eat During Pregnancy?

What to Eat and What to Not Eat During Pregnancy

You are wondering which foods are detrimental during pregnancy and which are not, right? We consulted an expert to eliminate the question marks in your mind one by one. Let's see what can and cannot be eaten during pregnancy. Let's read and organize your nutrition during pregnancy!

1. Why do some normally harmless foods become dangerous during pregnancy?

In the womb, the fetus feeds and develops what the mother consumes.
During pregnancy, the need for most nutrients increases to ensure the healthy development of the baby. Therefore, nutrition during pregnancy is of great importance.

During pregnancy, the mother should avoid consuming certain foods due to her changing physiological characteristics and requirements. In addition, The pregnant should be aware of what to eat for the contraction of the uterine muscles, changing vitamin-mineral levels and affecting the developmental status of the baby. Therefore, there are some foods that we normally consume frequently that we need to restrict during pregnancy.

2. What foods should not be eaten during pregnancy?

• What foods should not be eaten during pregnancy
  1. Processed foods such as canned and packaged products.
  2. Raw or undercooked meats such as sushi.
  3. Uncooked eggs and foods containing them.
  4. Raw salads are consumed outside due to contamination and hygiene risks.
  5. Herbal teas without a doctor's approval.
  6. Acidic drinks and bottled juices.
  7. -sugar and simple carbohydrate products.
  8. Some spices increase muscle contractions and circulatory effects.
  9. Coffee and its varieties are due to its caffeine content.
  10. Unpasteurized milk.
  11. Dairy products due to the risk of listeria.
  12. Excessive consumption of fish should be avoided because of heavy metals that can cross the placenta.
  13. Junk food and GMO foods with artificial sweeteners.
  14. Consuming too much salt.

3. Is it harmful to eat pomegranate or some other fruits during pregnancy?

Sustenances such as pomegranate and lemon are not prohibited for pregnant, but considering their effect on the circulatory system and blood flow, it is recommended to consume them without exceeding the normal portion. Portion control, which is one of the most significant rules in healthy nutrition, is also valid during pregnancy. These are not among the fruits that should not be eaten during pregnancy, but care should be taken.

Can I eat parsley during pregnancy?
Eating parsley during pregnancy is not a problem as long as it is not exaggerated, but when parsley juice is consumed too much, it can cause miscarriage and premature birth.

Is it harmful to eat sumac during pregnancy?
Sumac can cause problems during pregnancy because it accelerates blood flow.
Therefore, it is useful to consult your doctor for consumption.

4. What should be the consumption of offal and seafood during pregnancy?

The crucial point in the consumption of both offal and seafood is frequency and quantity.

Excessive consumption of offal may cause teratogenic effects due to its vitamin A content and may cause some anomalies. Cleft palate and cleft lip are examples of these. At this point, let's address the question of whether life can be eaten during pregnancy. It can be consumed once a week around 100 gr.

Well, can an expectant mother eat kokorec ( charcoal-grilled seasoned mutton intestines) during pregnancy? Since it cannot be sure that the kokorec is cleaned and cooked correctly, it may cause problems for expectant mothers. Therefore, it is necessary to be cautious with consuming kokorec.

Fish consumption is also considered to be forbidden, but pregnant need to consume fish and the valuable nutrients from these foods as long as species such as mussels are not consumed and not more than 2 times a week. At the same time, the consumption of fish species such as mackerel and swordfish should be controlled as there is a possibility that heavy metals contained in fish species such as mackerel and swordfish may pass into the placenta. There is no problem in consuming surface fish.

5. Which herbal teas are harmful and which are beneficial during pregnancy?

Which herbal teas are harmful and which are beneficial during pregnancy

No herbal tea other than linden should be consumed unless absolutely necessary.

  • Mate
  • Chamomile
  • Green tea
  • White tea
  • Drinks such as sage can stress the metabolism during pregnancy due to the flavonoids they contain, so they should be avoided for a while.

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